Multi-Ball VIII - November 13, 2021

Propublica looks into St. Jude's Children's Hospital and finds it is not living up to the mission of its fundraising statements. Equally concerning is that St. Jude's is fundraising in regions of the United States where they do not treat children, taking funds which local children's hospitals could use more effectively. It is quite the read, well researched as only Propublica does.  Following Propublica's probing, St. Jude's slightly improved their practices.

US cable television ratings from Thursday show just how much of a powerhouse Fox News is in prime time.

What happens when someone steals the car of the Toronto Star's Chief Investigative Reporter? He writes about it. Kevin Donovan's vehicle was quickly moved to the Port of Halifax. By happenstance, the cargo container which Donovan's stolen vehicle was in was subject of a random search. The speed which his vehicle was stolen, loaded into a container, shipped by train, and was in Halifax? Two days.

In I was how many years old when I learned. Former Member of Parliament Lenore Zann was the voice of Rogue during the 1990s animated X-Men series. The series is getting rebooted with the original voice actors returning.