I Don't Take Free Work - Journalism is Valuable

I do not take free journalism from others, it's contrary to my personal belief in the value of a person's labour.

Many “new” “journalism” outlets are based upon a model of publishing the free work of others, aggregation of others original content, clickbait, and worst – exploitation of young people that label as “interns”.

ThePublicRecord.ca is presently just myself writing for this reason. I liberally link out when a Hamiltonian blogs about an issue of interest, and regularly link to content in the two student publications at Mohawk College and McMaster University.

I license all my original work using an open culture Creative Commons License - the Attribution ShareAlike license.

Why CC-BY-SA? I wish to be credited for my work, and the ShareAlike requires that others building upon my work also share work which is substantially built upon my CC work with an open culture license.

The value of labour isn't only measured monetarily, many of us freely give our labour to community causes. We do so to see the return in community benefit. The CC-BY-SA ensures the community benefits from the reuse of my labour.

Anyone can exploit the labour of young journalists - it's the norm in journalism these days. I'm not just trying to find a solution to the business model of journalism, I'm also looking to fix the corruptions of the morals of journalism which have resulted in the public distrusting journalists as much as they do lying politicians.