The Levees of The Mayor and West Hamilton MPP & MP

Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale MPP Ted McMeekin hosted his annual New Years Levee on Sunday at the Dundas Museum.

It was an enjoyable event. I see Levee's as being about the office, not the office-holder, they are good non-partisan opportunity for everyone to engage in a civil casual dialogue, and to express their views to elected officials.

I briefly spoke with McMeekin, a quick Happy New Year and pleasantry. I chatted with a few people in the room, including three very enjoyable conversations on journalism in the present atmosphere of discontent, and a lengthy discussion with MP Filomena Tassi.

The one thing I noticed is that most people in the room were card-carrying members of the Liberal Party. It begs the question - how do we get Levee's to be seen as non-partisan events, and what responsibility to all engaged political parties members have to see that happen?

Back to my discussion with Tassi. Tassi is my local government MP. I approached her, wished her a Happy New Year, and then told her I expect her government to both withdraw their proposal to expand secret police powers, and to fully repeal Bill C-51.

I make no secret of my views on civil liberties.

The Mayor's Levee was decently attended. I chatted with a few people, and enjoyed catching up with people I know. The Mayor and I didn't speak. As regular readers are aware, the Mayor had declared me a liar on numerous occasions, disputing the accuracy of my videos of Council meetings, and continuing to stand by his endorsement of the Basse Report.

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