Flamborough Mayoral, Council, and Trustees Debate [HD Replay]

Flamborough’s Chamber of Commerce debate at Waterdown District High School for the Ward 14 & 15 Trustee, Council, and Mayoral debates brought hundreds of voters to hear candidates pitch for their votes and answer questions from citizens.

Here’s the full replay:

Note: A listing of other debates for the reminder of the election, including links to watch them

Running in Flamborough are the following candidates, sorted by date of registration.

Public School Trustee

Ward 13 & 14 (Dundas, Greensville, Rural Flamborough)

Ward 15 (Waterdown, Rural Flamborough)

City Council

Ward 14 (Rural Flamborough)

  • Steven Knowles
  • Robert Pasuta
  • Scott Stewart

Ward 15 (Waterdown, Rural Flamborough)

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