Debate on Downtown Nuisance Bylaw Monday in Council Chambers [Live 10am]

Council’s “Task Force on Cleanliness and Security in the Downtown Core” will debate a proposed nuisance bylaw that, if passed, will outlaw loitering in the Downtown Core.

After meeting story: There Won’t Be a Nuisance Bylaw in Hamilton after Task Force Meeting- - - - - -

The bylaw debate is the result of complaints from the owner of the Right House about loitering in front of the King and Hughson building.

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If passed, the new bylaw will outlaw – at the discretion of police and bylaw officers – loitering in the downtown core.

The Task Force will also debate asking the Hamilton Police Officer to post officers full-time in front of The Right House, diverting them from the ACTION strategy.

Protest Prior to Meeting

There are calls downtown for a protest at The Right House starting at 9am with a march to City Hall for the 10am meeting.

Agenda and Video

The full agenda is here, you can watch the meeting live on starting at 10am.

Live Updates:


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