I received the following news release from Matt Jelly yesterday afternoon.


### Urban Creative Community Neighbourhood Activist Blogger Matt Jelly Gets A Haircut

Hamilton, Ontario

Matt Jelly, former Ward 2 Council and Mayoral candidate will momentarily be getting a haircut somewhere in Downtown Hamilton at an undisclosed location. “It’s really about time I got my hair under control. I got mistaken for Tom Wilson the other day at the Farmer’s Market – enough is enough” said Jelly. “Plus I have to do my best not to look like an urchin when I tape Hamilton Talks later today with Larry DiIanni.”

Mr. Jelly also went on to say he hopes he’ll be able to get a haircut away from the prying eyes of local media, who have in the past shown an almost disturbing amount of interest in the latest news relating to his hair. “I hope that Coleman kid allows me to get my haircut without answering a bunch of ridiculous, intrusive questions. Hopefully he’s distracted by a splash pad he forgot to map or something.”

When asked about whether the beard will also see some changes, Mr. Jelly responded “No way! I look like a fat Will Riker from the first two seasons of TNG when I shave.”