Is the golden age of tech blogging over? Is the golden age of blogging over?

Jeremiah Owyang’s blog post End of an Era: The Golden Age of Tech Blogging is Over is a good read as it provides both sides of the debate.

As an early adopter of blogging, I caused disruption to the higher education news landscape in Canada. (Scooping student newspapers from three time zones east was fun) I was eventually “bought-out” (of sorts) when hired as a reporter/blogger by Maclean’s. I eventually moved most of my blogging activity (short-thoughts and links) to Twitter.

Now, I find myself missing the original reason I started blogging, playing with the coding that powers my CMS. For this reason, I’ve returned to blogging.

I believe blogging will return and communities will re-emerge around blogs as Twitter and Facebook become too congested. The addition of advertising to these platforms will encourage early-bloggers who moved to these platforms to return to their own clean gardens – their personal domains.

Regardless of if Mr. Owyang is right or wrong, his post is an interesting read.