The following series of tweets posted by ACTION team 4 of the Hamilton Police Service made me shake my head:

[![]( "ACTION_photo_18_Oct_10")]( Hamilton Police Service
([16:19](!/HPSActionTeam4/status/27766118622)) In the area of Main & Tisdale we saw two teens walk into an alley & smoke marihuana. Found them with scales & 13.2 grams of bud. Arrested! ([16:22](!/HPSActionTeam4/status/27766308691)) One teen asked to call his lawyer on his cell phone from the back of the cruiser that came to transport him to Central Station. ([16:26](!/HPSActionTeam4/status/27766526062)) Instead, he called his brother. His brother showed up and started to cause a disturbance with the officers who arrested his brother. ([16:30](!/HPSActionTeam4/status/27766833780)) Brilliantly, the brother had in his possession 23.1 grams of cocaine, 5.2 grams of marihuana and $2540.00 cash.